Jennifer Hare Appointed Interim Health Officer for Garrett County

Laura Herrera Scott, MD, MPH, Secretary of the Maryland Department of Health, has approved the appointment of Jennifer Hare as the Interim Health Officer for Garrett County, effective June 29, 2024. Ms. Hare's interim role will continue pending the completion of the recruitment process.

Ms. Hare was nominated by the Board of Garrett County Commissioners as Acting Health Officer following the retirement of Robert Stephens. Ms. Hare will direct and administer all aspects of activities and operations of Garrett County Health Department. This role includes establishing and overseeing overall policies and procedures, program goals and plans, as well as personnel and financial resources.

Ms. Hare will also collaborate closely with the Maryland Department of Health and local organizations to safeguard the health and well-being of Garrett County residents. She assumes all powers and responsibilities of a Health Officer as prescribed by law and delegated by the Secretary of Health.

"We were pleased to nominate Jennifer Hare for the position of Acting Health Officer for Garrett County," stated County Commissioner Ryan Savage. "Her expertise and dedication will ensure continuity in our efforts to uphold public health standards here in Garrett County."

Garrett County Health Department is committed to its mission of promoting and protecting the health of its residents through ongoing partnerships and proactive health initiatives.

For further information, please contact Maryland Department of Health Chief of Staff Erin McMullen at 410-767-1036 or [email protected].


Jennifer Hare

Created 6/27/2024 4:59pm
Last Updated 6/28/2024 7:25am