Department of Emergency Management

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The Garrett County Department of Emergency Management is responsible for Emergency Management, Interoperable Communication, and Emergency Medical Services for Garrett County. The Department coordinates with other public safety entities to ensure a timely and appropriate response to all emergencies.

We provide:

  • Advanced Life Support (ALS) pre-hospital emergency medical services to the citizens and visitors of Garrett County.
  • Emergency Management for county government.
  • Interoperable communication integration for law enforcement, fire, and EMS for both career and volunteer first responders.

As the premier vacation destination in Maryland, the Department strives for excellence and professionalism in our interactions with citizens, partner agencies, visitors, and staff. The Department is responsible for coordinating and maintaining the highest standards through the continuous development and maintenance of emergency response plans, including the Emergency Operations Plan, Hazard Mitigation Plan, and Hazardous Materials Response Plan. The Department is also committed to the highest level of pre-hospital medical care available through ALS protocols, quality improvement, training, and education.

Looking for 911 call center information? See the Sheriff's Office Communications Center

Emergency Operations Center

Phone: 301-334-7609


Samuel Grant, MS, NRP, MDPEMP
[email protected]
Phone: (301) 334-7619

Derek Crippen
EMS Chief
[email protected]
Phone: (301) 334-7619

Justin Orendorf
Communications Chief
[email protected]
Phone: (301) 334-7619

David Middleton
Emergency Planner
[email protected]
Phone: (301) 334-7619