Plumbing Permits

Plumbing Permits are typically required for all plumbing work except for replacement of fixtures and appliances in the same location or for repairs of leaks and stoppages. Please call the Permits Office for more details about permit requirements in specific situations.

Permit Application and Fees
Application for a Plumbing Permit can be made in person at the Permits Office or by completing the Document Plumbing Permit Application (66.28 KB) and submitting it to the Permit Office. Plumbing Permits are typically signed by a master plumber. A homeowner may sign the permit if they are doing their own plumbing work. The Plumbing Permit fee is $25.00 payable to the Garrett County Commissioners.

All plumbing work requiring a permit must be inspected by an approved third party inspector. MEGCO Inspections (1-800-304-5942) is the only agency currently conducting regularly scheduled plumbing inspections in Garrett County. Please click the following links to download the Document MEGCO Inspection Request Form (120.5 KB) Document  &  (120.5 KB) Price List. Inspections may also be performed by other plumbing inspectors properly licensed by the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation.

Public Utilities Requirements

Please click the following Document link (278.74 KB) for more information about specific requirements applicable to public water and sewer systems. These requirements became mandatory for all new permits issued after July 1, 2019 that are connecting to water and sewer systems operated by Garrett County Public Utilities.

Maryland Plumbing Code
The plumbing codes in the State of Maryland are the 2015 National Standard Plumbing Code Illustrated (National Association of Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors); National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1, NFPA 54, 2015 Edition and the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code, NFPA 58, 2014 Edition.

Please call 301-334-7470 if you have any questions.