Planning Commission

The Garrett County Planning Commission is composed of nine members appointed by the Garrett County Commissioners. A primary duty of the Planning Commission is the development of the County’s Document Comprehensive Plan (66.35 MB)

The Planning Commission ensures that the goals and objectives of the Comprehensive Plan are carried out by serving in an advisory role in the development and implementation of all County land use ordinances, regulations and policies. The Planning Commission also provides advisory opinions concerning the Deep Creek Watershed Zoning Ordinance and, along with Planning & Land Management staff, administers the Garrett County Subdivision Ordinance by reviewing all major subdivision applications and waiver requests.

Meeting Dates

The Garrett County Planning Commission typically meets on the first Wednesday of every month. Meetings will also be livestreamed at

Members of the Board

  • Tony Doerr- Chairman
  • Jeffery Conner- Vice Chairman
  • Jeff Messenger- Secretary
  • Larry Tichnell- Ex Officio
  • Tim Schwinabart
  • Elizabeth Georg
  • Bill Weissgerber
  • Bruce Swift- Alternate
  • Julie Friend- Alternate

Annual Reports

Public Meeting Archive