Entrance Permits

Entrance Permits
Controlling access to County roads is a vital means of ensuring the safety of motorists. Therefore a Garrett County Roads Entrance Permit is required for all proposed access to a County road. This includes access for residential driveways, subdivisions, commercial and industrial uses, timber harvests and agricultural access. Entrance Permits consider sight distance, overall safety, drainage and other factors to determine the safest possible access points onto County roads.

The Document Entrance Permit Application (64.03 KB) process begins at the Department of Permits and Inspection Services. The completed application is then forwarded to the Roads Department for field evaluation and review. If approved, the Roads Department shall send the applicant the approved permit outlining all requirements for construction.

Additional information about entrances can be found in the Document Guidelines for Residential Entrances to County Roads (140.1 KB) and the Document Procedure and Standards for Commercial, Subdivision, and Industrial Access to County Roads (110.71 KB) .

The current entrance permit fee schedule is as follows:
Residential- $20.00 per entrance
Commercial, Industrial, Subdivision-$50.00 per entrance
Temporary Logging- $20.00 per entrance
Farm Field or Farm Entrance- $10.00 per entrance

Checks can be made payable to the Garrett County Commissioners