Department of Technology & Communications

Mission Statement

The goal of the Department of Technology and Communications (DoTCom) is to streamline efficiency in county government and provide excellent services to county residents and other governmental departments/agencies while saving the tax payers' money.

Our Process

  1. Identify processes/procedures that are wasteful
    • Response: utilize technology to streamline these processes, reducing the amount of time to perform a given task.
    • Implementations Realized: Online Timesheets, Automated Phone Billing, Employee Travel Reimbursement
  2. Identify underutilized resources
    • Response: utilize technology to share valuable resources, reducing waste and saving money.
    • Implementations Realized: VoIP Phone System – enables us to share under-utilized telephony resources at the courthouse with remote locations and reduce or eliminate the telephony costs at those remote locations.
  3. Identify the unmet needs of county citizens to access the county resources on a virtual level
    • Response: building web based applications to provide individuals with easy access to important county data/resources.
    • Implementations Realized: Online Payment and Information Portal utilized by several county departments.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Oversee the county's cyber preparedness efforts to prevent, respond, and recover from a cyber event
  • Maintain and upkeep county owned computers and servers
  • Manage the LAN/WAN infrastructure (equipment that links all of the computer/servers)
  • Work with all departments to plan, implement, and manage their Information Technology needs
  • 24/7 on call support for 911 Dispatch/Sheriff’s Office
  • Provide technical support for online bill payments to county residents/property owners
  • Provide the following ongoing services for county departments:
    • Application assistance and training
    • Technical support
    • Custom reporting
    • Custom programming (creation and maintenance)
    • Email management and support
    • Hardware/software upgrades
    • Presentation/meeting equipment set up


Nathaniel Watkins
 Nathaniel Watkins
Chief Information Officer
[email protected]
Cheryl DeBerry.jpg
 Cheryl DeBerry
Broadband & Energy Manager
[email protected]
Dave Kordyban.jpg
 David Kordyban
IT/Cyber Security Manager
[email protected]
Andrew Sauder.jpg
 Andrew Sauder
Software Developer
[email protected]
Mecken Swyter.jpg
 Mecken Swyter
IT Systems and Server Analyst
[email protected]
Timothy Weeks.jpg
 Tim Weeks
Technical Support Specialist
[email protected]