Collection Site Acceptable Waste

Garrett County operates six rural refuse & recycling sites which may be utilized by Garrett County residents, property owners and visitors. These sites are only available for disposal of normal household waste (trash can or daily waste) and/or ONE individual piece of furniture (per visit), i.e., a television, a mattress set, a couch, etc., generated from YOUR home in Garrett County.

The following types of waste may not be taken to the refuse sites, but may be deposited at the Landfill for a fee:

  1. Large loads of furniture, or house, garage, basement, or attic cleanup
  2. Construction debris even if you are just remodeling a section of your own house
  3. Commercial Waste (waste generated by a business even if the business is located in your home)
  4. Brush, leaves, grass clippings, or other yard waste
  5. Tires
  6. Refrigerators, freezers, or air conditioners
  7. Other large appliances such as water heaters or dishwashers (may be accepted at selected sites with a special permit; please refer to Appliances, Bulk Items & White Goods section.) and;
  8. Other waste that is not accepted at the landfill (liquid waste, lead acid batteries, propane tanks or hazardous waste)

NOTICE: With each trip to the refuse & recycling site you can deliver any number of bagged trash that you want. There is no cut-off on the amount per trip.

Out-of-County refuse, including recycling items, are NOT accepted at any refuse & recycling site (including the landfill)

Updated 6/13/23