Planning & Land Management Division

The Department of Community Development Planning & Land Management Division regulates:

  • Zoning Administration
  • Subdivision Administration
  • Transient Vacation Rental Unit Administration
  • Licensing Issues
  • Land Preservation
  • Sensitive Areas Regulation
  • Comprehensive Planning and Mapping Services

Primary Functions

  • maintain, update and implement the County's Comprehensive Development Plan with the direction of the County Planning Commission
  • prepare studies and assist the County Commissioners in developing policies with regard to land use, transportation, population forecasts (Census) and proposed regulations.
  • review re-zoning requests and
  • coordinate with State, local and Federal agencies to fulfill implementation of policies and funding opportunities.


Steve Kelley
Director, Department of Community Development 
[email protected]
Phone: 301-334-1991

Chad Fike
Assistant Director
[email protected]
Phone: 301-334-1922

Bruce Metz
Permits & Zoning Administrator 
[email protected]
Phone: 301-334-1926

Siera Wigfield
Senior Planner
[email protected]
Phone: 301-334-7477

Debbe Owston
Licensing and Legislative Associate 
[email protected]
Phone: 301-334-1920

Mary DiSimone
Permit Technician
[email protected]
Phone: 301-334-7478

Eli Helbig
Permits & Inspections Coordinator
[email protected]
Phone: 301-334-1927

John Groves
Licensing Technician 
[email protected]