Business Development Releases Economic and Community Impact Report

Garrett County Business Development, a key division of the Garrett County Department of Community Development, has proudly released its comprehensive Impact Report for the current year, illustrating significant economic growth and community enhancements across Garrett County.


The report details the department's role as a resource hub and catalyst for economic expansion in Garrett County. By providing extensive support to existing and prospective businesses through strategic initiatives, the department has successfully stimulated job creation, promoted innovation, and enhanced the competitiveness of local businesses.


Key highlights from the report include:

  • Economic Development Grants and Investments: The county's diverse incentive programs have enrolled 25 businesses in the County Business Property Tax Incentive Program, awarded 4 general small business grants totaling $132,951.96, and supported the creation and expansion of vital projects through the Outdoor Dining and Small Business Marketing Grant Programs.
  • Major Projects and Infrastructure Developments: Noteworthy projects such as the Grantsville and Oakland Housing Projects and the Keyser’s Ridge Business Park development are set to enhance local infrastructure and provide significant economic uplift.
  • Tourism and Agriculture: The report underscores the county’s appeal as a tourist destination with a 53.7% increase in accommodation collections over 2019 and highlights agricultural advancements including support for local farmers and the hemp industry.
  • Community and Broadband Initiatives: Over 3,900 addresses will benefit from expanded broadband services, further bridging the digital divide in the community.


“Economic Development is a concept that has many different meanings to many different people. At the end of the day, however, our success is measured by the quality of life here for our residents and visitors. Reflected in this report are some of the areas in which your government is actively involved to make Garrett County a better place for all of us.” Steve Kelley, Community Development Director.


"Garrett County is committed to fostering a thriving economic environment and this report reflects our dedication to driving sustainable growth and prosperity throughout the region," said Kim Durst, Manager of Business Development.


The full Impact Report is accessible online at and showcases the department’s ongoing efforts to nurture a powerful economic landscape, backed by testimonials and detailed demographic insights.


For more information, contact Kim Durst, Manager of Business Development at 301-334-1992 or [email protected]


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Created 5/15/2024 1:00pm
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