Broadband Service Information Portal

Garrett County Government is committed to helping its citizens and businesses get the services they need; which includes valuable high-speed internet service. In an effort to understand where service is deficient or absent, we have created this easy-to-use portal for Garrett County Citizens. The information you share will be used by Garrett County Government to help Internet Service Providers (ISP) to expand in the county. If an ISP can potentially provide service, they will contact you to discuss.

Thank you for your participation and willingness to provide this valuable information to Garrett County Government.

There are two options that you may select in order to share internet service information with us (you can do both and can also do each more than once):

Option 1: Select this option if you DO NOT have internet service - This option gives you the opportunity to report gaps in internet service. This information is valuable to Garrett County Government and will give us an opportunity to analyze the potential service options for your address.

Option 2: Select this option if you currently have internet service - Although you have service, this option will let us know how your service is performing and whether you desire upgrades to your service.