Arrowhead Cove Dredging Project Shoreline Restoration Update

The sediment removal component of the Arrowhead Cove pilot dredging project has been completed. This project removed a portion of the accumulated sediment from the lakebed to revitalize the waterbody, provide greater boater access, and preserve the cove’s ecological integrity.

As of January 5, 2024, an estimated 11,000 cubic yards (or 734 truckloads) of accumulated sediment were removed from Arrowhead Cove to determine the efficiency and success of dredging other sediment-impacted coves of Deep Creek Lake.

Byco Enterprises, Inc. has made significant progress on the upland habitat restoration work portion of the Arrowhead Cove dredging project.

To enhance the ecological integrity of the area, twenty native trees were planted on the shoreline. This initiative, requested by Maryland Department of Natural Resources, also included the planting of numerous shrubs in the areas previously utilized for heavy equipment access to the lake. All equipment, supplies and gravel used during the staging of the project has been removed and replaced with topsoil.

Byco graded the area, planted grass seed, and stabilized the soil with straw cover. Upland restoration of the project station area was completed on April 26. Byco will continue to monitor the area and water the newly planted trees and shrubs.

Additionally, the in-water submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) restoration in the dredging footprint is tentatively scheduled for the end of May.

This critical phase of the project will be conducted by the Department of Natural Resources’ Resource Assessment Service (RAS) staff. Last September, RAS staff carefully collected native SAV seeds from Deep Creek Lake and these seeds were processed and stored at an approved nursery/greenhouse throughout the winter.  The seeds were propagated for planting this spring.

The State of Maryland provided all the funding for the pilot project thanks in part to the efforts of former Senator George Edwards and Delegate Wendell Beitzel.

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Please contact Bruce Michael, Garrett County Watershed Coordinator, at [email protected] or 410-570-4554 with any project related questions.

Created 5/2/2024 10:25am
Last Updated 5/2/2024 10:44am