Maryland DNR Replants Arrowhead Cove

Over the past few days, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has successfully conducted Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (SAV) plantings, focusing on wild celery (Vallisneria americana) in Arrowhead Cove. This initiative aims to enhance the ecological health of the area and support native fish habitats.

The wild celery seeds used for this project were collected last September from native plants in nearby Deep Creek Lake coves. These seeds were then carefully stored in a greenhouse/nursery throughout the winter, ensuring optimal conditions for their growth before being raised for in-water planting this spring.

In a coordinated effort to restore the aquatic vegetation to the dredging project site, well over 1,000 wild celery plants were planted along the north and south shores of Arrowhead Cove, at a depth of approximately four feet. To evaluate the impact of predation on the plants, about half of the planting sites were protected with plastic fencing enclosures, allowing researchers to compare survival and expansion rates between protected and unprotected sites.

“The Arrowhead Cove dredging project has been a cooperative effort between Garrett County and DNR and has been successful due to the greatly appreciated support of many community stakeholders including the Deep Creek Watershed Foundation and the Deep Creek Lake Property Owners Association,” said Watershed Coordinator Bruce Michael. “Dredging will provide enhanced recreational activities and better access to Arrowhead Cove properties with deeper water depths and will now return to a more balanced ecosystem with the planting of native SAV.”

Throughout the summer, DNR staff will closely monitor the success of the plantings, assessing growth and establishment. Wild celery, known for its low-growing nature in the water column, is expected to have minimal impact on recreational activities while providing excellent fish habitat, stabilize bottom sediments, reduce nutrients, provide oxygen and improve water clarity. This planting project is anticipated to serve as a foundation for the proliferation of more native SAV species in the recently dredged cove.

In addition to the SAV plantings, the DNR will conduct continuous water quality monitoring in Arrowhead Cove. This monitoring will help assess water quality conditions following the dredging activities, measuring the health and sustainability of the cove’s aquatic ecosystem.


SAV Planting Trays in the Water

The SAV is transported in trays that are carried to the site by boat.


SAV Plantings on a Boat


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