Property Tax Frequently Asked Questions

When are tax bills issued?

Regular, annual tax bills are issued on July 1st of each fiscal year. The fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. In some cases, if there are any account changes or deed transfers from mid-June through the end of June, these bills will be issued September 1st on a supplimental role.

How do I read this bill? Where does it say what I need to pay?

If paying annually, please pay the coupon on the left side of the bill by the month you are remitting. If paying semiannual, please be sure to use the appropriate coupon #1 for the first payment and #2 coupon for the second payment.

When are my taxes due?

Annual payments - Base tax (no interest) due by 9/30. Interest begins 10/1 at 1.5% per month.

Semiannual – 1st payment due by 9/30. 2nd payment due by 12/31 to avoid any interest.

Why is there a sewer charge on my tax bill this year?

This is an ad valorem tax, not a usage charge. This is a tax that is charged on all properties (improved or not) within the boundaries of that particular sanitary district for the purpose of paying back the money borrowed by the sanitary district to build out the system in that area. Should you have any further questions about the ad valorem tax, contact the Sanitary Department at 301.334.6983.

Who can I contact about my assessment?

If you have questions about your assessment, contact the Assessment Office at 301.334.1950.

My taxes are escrowed; did my mortgage company get a copy of my bill?

The Garrett County Collections office sends the property tax bill for each property in the County to the mailing address on file with the State Department of Assessments. The mortgage companies have access to tax bills electronically and will also often call into our office for amounts that are due on accounts. If you are unsure of your mortgage company’s procedure, contact them in reference to your tax bill. Please be aware, the mortgage company is responsible for making sure that the account numbers that they include on payments are correct. This office does not track your lender.

I have more than one tax bill to pay, can I send one check?

Yes, you can combine your bills and pay with one check. Be sure to include the coupons for all of the properties when mailing payment to be sure that your payment is applied correctly.

How do I apply for the Homestead credit?

For information and eligibility requirements on the Homestead credit and instructions on applying, visit If you have any further questions, contact the Assessment Office at 301.334.1950.

How do I apply for the Homeowner’s tax credit?

This is based on your income; please contact the Assessment Office at 301-334-1950 for an application or for more information.

Why did my taxes go up when my assessment has gone down?

If your taxes went up but your assessment has gone down, please contact the Assessment Office at 301-334-1950.

Can I make payments on my property taxes?

Yes, we are now able to accept payments of any amount on property taxes. Payments must be made in person or by mailing a check. Our online system does not accept partial payments at this time. Arrangements do not have to made ahead of time with our office. Be sure to include with your payment the account number for the bills you want the payment applied to. Interest will continue to accrue on the balance remaining.

How can I change my mailing address on my property tax bill?

The State Department of Assessments is responsible for keeping the mailing addresses for property taxes. They can be reached by either calling 301.334.1950 or e-mailing your info to [email protected] .