Energy Conservation

The Energy Conservation Team was established in August 2012 when the new Energy Conservation Plan was adopted by the Garrett County Commissioners. This Team consists of representatives from 9 County Departments working together to help the County become more energy efficient and reduce energy consumption. Below you will find the key points of the Energy Conservation Plan and what the Team expects to achieve:

Energy Conservation Plan Key Points

  1. The plan is a living document and may be modified in the future to reflect emerging “best practice” energy conservation, and energy management strategies and initiatives. The plan replaces an Energy Conservation Policy adopted by the County on September 20, 1993.
  2. Establishes an Energy Conservation Team with representation from various County Departments. Team representation can be amended at any time. Representation includes the following departments:
    1. Board of County Commissioners
    2. Facilities and Maintenance Department
    3. Purchasing Division
    4. Department of Financial Services
    5. Utilities
    6. Solid Waste and Recycling 
    7. IT
    8. Roads
    9. Risk Management
  3. References Governor Martin O’Malley’s “Empower Maryland” initiative of reducing energy consumption by 15% statewide by 2015.
  4. Key initiative of the plan is the reduction in energy consumption by 5% for Fiscal Year 2013. By 2015, reducing energy consumption by 15% meeting the “Empower Maryland” initiative.
  5. Plan will focus on five (5) major utility cost contributors, which include electric, fuel oil, natural gas, propane and water/sewerage.
  6. The effective management of energy is based on three basic principles:
    1. Changing the philosophy about energy usage
    2. Initiating changes within the facilities environment
    3. Promoting educational awareness for energy conservation success. (Employee awareness is a key fundamental part of the plan.)
  7. Plan provides immediate, short term and long term measures for energy conservation.
  8. Plan recognizes the need to have third party energy audits performed on buildings identified as high priority (i.e. highest energy usage per square foot, etc).
  9. An energy accounting software program (i.e. Energy Watchdog, Energy Star) may need to be purchased and used as the measurement component of the plan. Initially, at least 2 years of utility bill data (base line) will be loaded into the program for County facilities. The program will be able to provide detailed reporting on the usage of electric, natural gas, fuel oil, water and sewer. It will help identify accomplishments and shortfalls regarding energy usage and savings.
  10. The success of the plan is dependent upon the support of the Board of County Commissioners, County Administrator and all County employees. State and County funding cuts could impact energy conservation initiatives.