The Directors shall have the power to consider and authorize or deny variances from the strict application of the requirements of these regulations. A variance shall be approved only if it is determined to not be contrary to the public interest and where, owing to special conditions of the lot or parcel, a literal enforcement of the provisions of these regulations, and unnecessary hardship would result.

Upon consideration of the purpose of these regulations, the individual circumstances, and the circumstances and limitations of the Document Garrett County Floodplain Management Ordinance (3 MB) , the Directors may attach such conditions to variances as it deems necessary to further the purposes of these regulations.

The local permitting official shall notify, in writing, any applicant to whom a variance is granted to construct or substantially improve a building or structure with its Document lowest floor (18.99 KB) below the elevation required by these regulations that the variance is to the floodplain management requirements of these regulations only, and the cost of Federal Flood Insurance will be commensurate with the increased risk, with rates up to $25 per $100 of insurance coverage. A record of all variance actions, including justification for insurance shall be maintained pursuant to §151.001 (j) of the Document Garrett County Floodplain Management Ordinance. (3 MB)

Floodplain Variance Application

  1. The location and description of the project.
  2. Justification for the development.
  3. An engineering analysis with supporting documentation to meet the conditions set forth in §152.102.
  4. An acknowledgement that an increased premium rate for flood insurance may not occur and that construction below the base flood increases risk to life and property.