Alcohol Awareness Training

In accordance with the Alcoholic Beverages Article § 3-504 of the Maryland Annotated Code, the Comptroller of Maryland must approve and certify alcohol awareness programs offered throughout the State of Maryland.

These programs certified by the Comptroller must include instruction on how alcohol affects a person's body and behavior. Provide education on the dangers of drinking and driving; define effective methods for serving customers to minimize the chance of intoxication; ceasing service before the customer becomes intoxicated and determining if a customer is under the drinking age.

In Garrett County, a holder of any class of retail alcoholic beverages license or an employee designated by the holder shall complete training in an approved alcohol awareness program. The training shall be valid for a period of four years. The certified person is generally not required to be present at all times but must be an active employee or license holder.

Garrett County Compliance Recognition & Retailer Training 

May 20, 2024 - Garrett College GIEC Building Room 111

Document Compliance Recognition and Retailer Training Flier (243.05 KB)

TIPS Off-Premise Training on April 17, 2024 at Uno's

Document TIPS Off-Premise Training - April 17, 2024 at Uno's (134.9 KB)

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The following links will take you to an approved alcohol awareness program routinely offered in Garrett County or Allegany County.

Document TIPS - Training for Intervention ProcedureS (76.91 KB) Document   (28.01 KB) Document (139.56 KB) DaVina Griffith

S.A.S. - Safe Alcohol Service - Dawn Shugars 

TIPS Maryland Online Alcohol Awareness Training Program is not currently approved. Online training does not fulfill regulatory requirements in this state. You may complete this course for employer-required training or educational purposes. If you would like to obtain state-approved certification, please enroll in a classroom course.

TAMUSA.COM TAM® Online is not currently approved for certification required by the Maryland Office of the Comptroller of the Treasury Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Bureau.