Comments Welcome on Water & Sewer Master Plan Amendments

At the March 6 public meeting, County Senior Planner Siera Wigfield presented the 2023 Water & Sewer Master Plan Amendment on behalf of the Garrett County Department of Public Works – Utilities Division.

The presentation was primarily “housekeeping” items of text amendments and map updates to the Water & Sewer Master Plan adopted on December 9, 2014. Document The current 10-year plan can be found here (34.61 MB) .

The 2014 plan was prepared to support the continued development of water supply and sewerage systems in Garrett County and meet the requirements of the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) and the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE). The plan was developed by the Garrett County Department of Public Works - Utilities Division with the assistance of the Garrett County Planning and Land Development Office and the Garrett County Health Department Environmental Health Services.

Also, information was included from the 2008 Garrett County Comprehensive Plan, the 2010 Census, updated geologic mapping, and the most recently available growth projections from the Maryland Department of Planning and the County municipalities.

The amendment presentation includes:

First, map updates to combine McHenry & Thayerville Water areas into Deep Creek Lake Service Area and Sewer Service Expansion Sewer Service in Deep Creek. This will delete Figure 3-4 and update Figure 3-5.

Deep Creek Lake Water Service Area (formerly ThayervilleWater Service Area) per the included map:
1. Merge Thayerville & McHenry Water Service areas – as per Resolution 2017-5
2. W-2 > W1 in McHenry SW- connected service
3. Expand FWS to match 2008 Compressive Plan Growth Area NW
4. FPS > W1 – PARADISE Heights expansion - connected service F

Also, Update Figure 3-8: Expand FPS to cover Expand FWS to match Compressive Plan Growth Area NW & SE. Reference the included map.

Then, the proposed text and map amendments for the Grantsville Water Service. The Town of Grantsville requested to amend the plan to update the text to include improvements to the system by consolidating the Green and Grantsville WTPs, replace aging lines and a SCADA system to monitor tank levels. This amendment will allow the Town to apply for funding these improvements.

Also, there are proposed text and map amendments relating to the Trout Run/ Oakland Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). This will replace the Trout Run WWTP and combine service for communities at a modern WWTP in Oakland.

The Document complete presentation to include proposed amendments is linked here (470.64 KB) and the public comment period will be open until Tuesday, March 21, 2023.

If there are any questions, please contact Siera Wigfield at [email protected] or 301-334-7477.


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