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Financing Assistance for Agricultural Solar Installations in Maryland

Document Weathering the Storm: Report of the Maryland Grid Resiliency Task Force (3.89 MB)

Document Economic Benefits of Increasing Electric Grid Resilience To Weather Outages (724.18 KB)

Document U.S. EIA: Levelized Cost of New Generation Resources in the Annual Energy Outlook 2013 (165.46 KB)

Document Garrett County Energy Measurement & Verification Analysis - Overview (2.94 MB)

Document Amendments to COMAR 26.11.09 for Biomass Fuel-Burning Equipment Standards - Technical Support Document (2 MB)

Document The Solarize Guidebook: A community guide to collective purchasing of residential PV systems (773.93 KB)

Document Case Studies on Wood Biomass Use in the Northeastern United States (823.87 KB)

Document The Electricity Revolution - Brookings Institute (199.66 KB)

Document United States Department of Energy Report on four clean energy technologies (378.81 KB)

Background Resources

Global and United States Energy Resources

Document EIA Energy Outlook 2014 (Early Release) (485.86 KB)

Document Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2013 (9.8 MB)

Document Global Trends in Clean Energy Investment 2013 (556.54 KB)

Document State Energy Efficiency Scorecard 2013 (2.2 MB)

Document State Energy Efficiency Scorecard 2013 (Summary) (409.54 KB)

Maryland Energy Resources

Document Maryland Energy Facts (688.42 KB)

Document Maryland Energy Profile (514.89 KB)

Document Maryland Energy Assurance Plan 2012 (9.21 MB)

Document Maryland Energy Administration Year in Review 2012 (8.18 MB)

Document EmPOWER Maryland and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (1.05 MB)

Document Maryland's Energy Industry Workforce Report: Preparing Today's Workers for Tomorrow's Opportunities 2009 (794.25 KB)

Utility Grid Infrastructure and Operations Resources

Document Regional Transmission Expansion Plan - Input, Data, Assumptions and Scope white paper 2013 (6.67 MB)

Document Regional Transmission Expansion Plan fact sheet (26.85 KB)

Document Locational Marginal Pricing (28.82 KB)

Document How Transmission Works (43.92 KB)

Document The Cost of Electricity (21.76 KB)

Document PJM at a Glance (1.92 MB)

Document PJM's Support for Variable Resources (45.15 KB)

Document PJM's Role as a Regional Transmission Organization (26.38 KB)

Document PJM Markets fact sheet (33.36 KB)

Document PJM Statistics (158.51 KB)