Water & Sewer Master Plan Accepting Public Comment

The Garrett County Water & Sewer Master Plan is a document that supports the continued development of water supply and wastewater disposal in Garrett County, on a ten-year cycle. 

This plan is amended as needed, as systems are expanded, and improvements are proposed to better serve the County. 

Thus far, three previous amendments have been made and a fourth amendment request was presented at the December 4, 2023 public meeting: 

1. To meet the source water storage and pressure needs of businesses and residents in the Deep Creek Lake Water System, a key area for heritage tourism in Garrett County. 

2. The Deep Creek Lake Water System currently serves 1,621 residential and 141 commercial customers, with an anticipated addition of 725 more customers.​ 

3. The existing Wisp Mountain Water Storage Tank, installed by a private developer, provides insufficient pressure and fire protection for some areas.​ 

4. The new tank will provide additional pressure (approximately 20 psi more) and storage capacity, allowing for further development and enhanced fire protection in the McHenry area​. 

The details of the proposed amendment can be found in this presentation. 

Comments will be accepted until December 18, 2023​. Email [email protected] or [email protected]​ / 301-334-7477​.

Created 12/5/2023 11:58am
Last Updated 12/6/2023 12:59pm