Winter Mailbox Tips

As the Department of Public Works - Roads Division is gearing up for the winter season ahead they offer these tips to prevent mailbox damage during snow removal operations.

It is unfortunate that mailboxes are occasionally damaged by Garrett County Department of Public Works - Roads Division efforts to maintain safe roads during the winter. Plowing of snow can push snow against or in front of mailboxes, limiting access and perhaps causing damage to mailboxes and supports. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure their mailbox is firmly supported so it will be able to withstand snow moved aside by the plow. Check your mailbox and support often, clearing snow from it and depositing the snow properly to maintain proper sight distances.

  • Homeowners should make mailboxes as visible as possible for snow plow operators by placing a six-to-eight-inch piece of reflective tape and/or small, brightly colored flags on the mailbox.
  • Remove snow from around the mailbox but avoid throwing it back onto the road.
  • Homeowners may consider temporarily replacing mailboxes with standard mailboxes for the winter.
  • Homeowners may want to consider relocating the mailbox if previous damage occurred.
  • Make sure the mailbox is firmly supported in the ground to withstand the snow moved aside by the plow.

Remember the homeowner is responsible for making their mailbox and support visible and stable. These tips can also be used toward preventing other road frontage property damage such as fences and entry/lamp posts. For additional information on the County’s policy for handling claims for damage to property resulting from the County’s snow removal activities please visit Snow Removal Claims Policy.