Broadband Grant Awards for Garrett County

State DHCD Grants to Local Internet Service Providers

Multiple state broadband expansion grants have been awarded to partnerships between the County and various Internet Service Providers 2020 through 2023, from the Office of Statewide Broadband at the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development.  The most recent round of grant awards included two large infrastructure projects that are underway:  

  • Verizon is expanding its all-fiber, high-speed broadband Fios services to approximately 2,000 homes and businesses within Garrett County. Construction is underway and the project is expected to be completed by April 2026. 

    The project is being partially funded by Garrett County and the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development using federal funds provided under the American Rescue Plan Act.  

    Learn more about the Verizon project here.
  • Maryland Governor Wes Moore announced grants for Comcast to begin construction to connect more than 1,000 additional homes and businesses across the state as part of the Connect Maryland initiative.   

    Through the partnership, Comcast will expand the Xfinity 10G Network in Baltimore County, Calvert County, Charles County, Garrett County, Montgomery County and Prince George’s County.  

    Read more about how this Comcast project will help to close the digital divide for Maryland residents and business owners.
Federal Grants

Federal funding has also been awarded to Internet Service Providers as well as Garrett County Government for both large middle mile fiber deployments and expanding community broadband networks in parts of the county.  These include:

  • US Economic Development Administration funding to build middle-mile fiber from Oakland south to Rt. 50, then east to the Table Rock area.  This project design is complete and will begin construction soon. 
  • Congressionally Directed Spending project managed by US Department of Agriculture Rural Utilities Service (RUS) to connect homes along Rt. 135 and along side roads in the project area.  This project is in the design and engineering phase.  
  • ARC POWER funding to connect homes with long driveways, or otherwise are in proximity to infrastructure but have high costs to connect.  More information about this program is at this link. 

As new broadband funding becomes available, the County works to develop projects that will assist Internet Service Providers in expanding their service areas to reach the remaining unserved residents and businesses.