Targeted Unserved & Underserved Areas

A current feasibility analysis is attempting to help the county determine where the pockets of unserved addresses are, and for those who are served, the quality of their internet connections. To help the County gather data citizens are asked to complete either a form to report a location without access or complete a speed test to share their internet capabilities. Visit this site to complete the survey.

As new grants are awarded, different areas of the county may be targeted. For instance, in the spring of 2020, four grant awards from the Maryland Governor's Office of Rural Broadband are targeting four areas of the county. A map of those areas is available here.

In an initial analysis of the availability of broadband availability completed in 2011, a map of targeted unserved and underserved areas of the county was created.


Six areas were identified to be covered in three phases of the broadband expansion project, based on criteria such as, number of potential customers, likelihood of other private broadband providers extending service to the areas, potential cost to reach the areas, etc. The map at right guided the project related to three Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) grants that the county is using to provide service in these areas.

One of the county's private partners, Declaration Networks Group (DNG) has plans to provide service in additional areas of the county with private investment.

For instance, in 2018 DNG received both a USDA RUS Grant and Loan to cover additional areas of Garrett Counties, and to build out some of the ARC areas more fully. The map below approximately shows the two areas (yellow and blue) to be covered with those funds.