Alternatives for Scrap Tires

It is important to dispose of tires at a licensed location such as the Garrett County main landfill, Perry’s Solid Waste & Disposal, or at any local tire retailer. These tires are safely collected and stored until being hauled to a disposal or recycling facility. Each of these locations will accept tires of all sizes with or without a wheel for a disposal fee.

You can help to reduce scrap tire problems by maintaining tire pressure at proper inflation levels to conserve fuel and extend the life of tires; buying retreaded tires when possible and reporting any illegal dumping of tires to MDE or local authorities.

Illegal dumping of scrap tires is a problem that occurs throughout Garrett County and the State of Maryland. These scrap tires can become stockpiles that are unsightly, pose a fire hazard and provide breeding grounds for mosquitoes and vectors. Illegal scrap tire stockpiles can also be costly to taxpayers and private property owners to clean up. To report illegal scrap tire stockpiles, contact the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) at 410-537-3000

Scrap Tire Drop Off Events

The Maryland Environmental Service (MES) works with each county to schedule the Citizen Scrap Tire Drop Off Events which are made possible through funding obtained by the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE).

If there is no funding readily available for a scrap tire drop off event, our office will continue to search for alternative funding. The public will be notified if such an event can be scheduled in the future.

For additional information on the proper disposal of tires in Garrett County or additional ideas for recycling or reusing scrap tires, please contact Kimberly Madigan, Recycling Coordinator at 301-334-7492.