Garrett County Recycling Program

Recycling is one way to minimize waste, but it does not start with empty cans, bottles, used paper, etc. It really starts when you make decisions to shop wisely. Making an effort to consciously avoid triple-wrapped foods, throw away containers and items whose package is made of nonrenewable resources is an effective measure we can take in minimizing excessive waste.

We can all agree that recycling makes good environmental sense. It also makes good monetary sense. By diverting waste to recycling markets, the county not only collects a modest income, but also realizes savings in operational and development costs. This benefits us all by helping to keep our disposal fees reasonable and minimize the amount of tax dollars that must be devoted to solid waste disposal activities.

Although recycling is completely voluntary, Garrett County Department of Solid Waste & Recycling supports and encourages recycling efforts through education, collection and the marketing of materials. In fact, the County is poised to take advantage of the fluxes in the recycling market. The County solicits bids for recyclable materials on a monthly basis for the following materials: aluminum beverage cans, cardboard, green/clear/brown glass, newspaper, mixed scrap metal, #1 PET Plastic, HDPE #2 Plastic, assorted office paper and magazines. Contracts are awarded based on the greatest economic benefit to the county after preparation and transportation costs are taken into account. Although the county loses revenue on some items like glass, due mainly to transportation costs, the scrap metal and aluminum can market remains steady and helps to offset expenses.

No sticker is required for residents that only bring recyclable materials to the refuse and recycling sites or to the landfill. Although recycling is free, please do so with care. Placing contaminants into containers used for recycling can ruin an entire load of recyclable goods, potentially resulting in its disposal at the landfill. Never assume that all materials are recyclable in the Garrett County Recycling Program just because (for example) they have a #1 or #2 on them. Always check with the attendant on duty prior to recycling a questionable material.

Reminder to Processors

Acceptance of Bids for Recyclable Materials

Garrett County Government accepts bids for the purchase of recycled materials by a deadline date of the seventh (7th) of each month, 4:00 p.m. (local Eastern time). If bids are not received by the seventh (7th) of each month, 4:00 p.m. (local Eastern time), even if the seventh (7th) of the month is on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the bids will not be accepted for participation that month.

Emails and/or Text messages to processors to remind them that recycling quotes are due on a certain date, by a certain time are an added courtesy or convenience. This is not a monthly service and is not guaranteed.