Bag & Bulk Stickers and Appliances/White Goods

Appliance Disposal

Non-Refrigerant Appliances

All non-refrigerant appliances continue to be accepted at the Garrett County Landfill. After weighing on the scales, a tipping fee may be paid at the rate of $50 per ton (or $.03 per pound) with a $2 minimum. 

To provide a greater level of convenience, water heaters, stoves, washers, dryers, etc. may also be taken to the Bumble Bee, Grantsville, Kings Run, 135, and Garrett Highway refuse & recycling sites upon purchasing and affixing a $5.00 bulk item sticker to the appliance. These stickers may be purchased in person or by mail from the Garrett County main landfill and refuse & recycling collection sites, or at local retail businesses including: Arrowhead Market, Deep Creek Lake; Chestnut Ridge Liquors & Valero Gasoline, Grantsville; Swanton Grocery, Swanton; and Shop and Save, McHenry.

Refrigerant Appliances

Appliances that have or had refrigerant in them (Freon) must be delivered to the main landfill location only. The cost for refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and dehumidifiers is $10 per item.

Bag Stickers

If you wish to dispose of household bags of refuse at one of the Garrett County refuse & recycling sites in a vehicle that does not have a refuse permit affixed to it, you may purchase individual bag stickers. The cost is $0.50 per sticker and may be purchased in any quantity. Stickers are available by mail, at any of the seven refuse & recycling sites in Garrett County (including the Landfill), and at the local retail businesses listed above/below. 13-gallon trash bags (usually white) are ($1.00). Bags larger than 13- gallon (usually black) are $1.50.

Trash bags with attached individual bag stickers are accepted at all seven refuse & recycling sites. Non-refrigerant appliances with attached bulk item stickers are accepted at all of the refuse & recycling sites, with the exception of the Friendsville site.

Retailers Selling Bag and Bulk Item Stickers

Garrett County Government Solid Waste & Recycling Division
3118 Oakland Sang Run Road
Oakland, MD 21550
Phone: 301-387-0322
Fax: 301-387-2224

Arrowhead Market
19746 Garrett Highway
Oakland, MD 21550

Chestnut Ridge Liquors & Valero Gasoline
2534 Chestnut Ridge Rd.
Grantsville, MD 21536

Deep Creek Shop and Save
24586 Garrett Highway Market Square
McHenry, MD 21541

Swanton Market, Gas, and Liquor
Main Street
Swanton, MD 21561