Who May Purchase a Refuse Sticker?

Persons who maintain a household in Garrett County may purchase an annual refuse site permit for $75 per vehicle for the disposal of household waste generated from their residence located in Garrett County. This permit may only be used to dispose of daily household waste (trash can waste) or one individual piece of furniture, a television, a couch, a grill [tank removed], a mattress set, etc., per visit. The permit allows homeowners to use all refuse & recycling sites as well as the Landfill.

In general, waste other than daily household trash must be brought to the Landfill and taken over the scale where a tipping fee of $50.00 is collected. Non-refrigerant appliances (water heaters, stoves, washers, dryers, etc.) may be taken to most refuse & recycling sites for a $5 fee per appliance or tipped at a fee of $50.00 per ton at the Landfill location. Appliances that contain, or once contained, refrigerant gases (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, etc.) must be taken to the Landfill and disposed of at $10.00 per unit.

A separate fee is charged for tires brought to the Landfill and is related to the size of the tire and whether or not the rims have been removed. View landfill rates or for additional information concerning rates contact the landfill office at 301-387-0322.

Waste generated and recyclables collected outside of Garrett County are NOT accepted at any Solid Waste & Recycling location (including the main landfill)