Electronics Recycling

Residents and businesses of Garrett County are invited to participate in the Electronics Recycling program free of charge. Electronics are accepted at the Bumble Bee, Grantsville, Kings Run, Garrett Highway refuse and recycling sites, and the main landfill.

The following items will be accepted for recycling at all refuse & recycling sites listed above:

Answering machines, Blu-Ray Players, Cables/Cords, Calculators, Camcorders, Cash Registers, CD Burners, CD Players, Computer towers, Copiers, DVD Players, Digital cameras, Docking Stations, Electronic Toys, Electric typewriters, Electric Wire, FAX machines, Hard Drives, iPads, iPhones, Keyboard/Mouse/Peripherals, Kindels/Notebooks, Laptops, MP3 Players, Medical Equipment, Monitors (Flat-screen), Network hardware, PDA’s, Pagers, Phone systems, Power Supplies, Printers, Projectors, Projection equipment, Plotters, Remote controls, Servers, Scanners, Security equipment, Tape players, Telephones, Two-way radios, Tape drives, Telecommunication equipment, UPS Systems, VCR's, Video Game Consoles, Zip Drives, etc.

Appliances are not accepted in the Electronics Recycling Program. However, many can be recycled in the mixed metal/white goods program. For example, microwaves can be recycled for free in mixed metal.

Hot water tanks, dishwashers, dryers, etc. can be recycled with the white goods at the refuse & recycling sites, including the landfill location. A $5 bulk item sticker is required at the Bumble Bee, Grantsville, Kings Run, 135 and Garrett Highway refuse site. (Bulk Items are NOT accepted at the Friendsville Site.) At the landfill, a tipping fee of $50 will be charged for hot water heaters, dishwashers, dryers, etc. (The minimum is $2 to use the landfill scale.) Appliances that had or currently have Freon (i.e. air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers and dehumidifiers) are accepted for recycling at the Garrett County Landfill (ONLY) for a $10 fee.

At this time, TELEVISIONS and CRT MONITORS can NOT be accepted at ANY site, for recycling.

If you have any questions regarding the Electronics Recycling program or would like to check on a specific electronics material for recycling, please contact Kimberly Madigan, Recycling Coordinator at 301.334.7492